What Is a CDN?

​​CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a system that directs users who want to access a website to servers located geographically closest to them and enables them to receive service through these servers.

How Does a CDN Work?

Distribution of content via a single edge causes high network latency. When your clients are placed and want to access your content from different regions, they will face buffering issues. In addition, single edge delivery is not suitable for media delivery services because it does not support your failover scenario and it cannot be scaled due to using single edge. ​​Don’t you think that what if your single edge is down or you start receiving unexpected traffic?

without cdn

The CDN system fetches content from origin and caches by its own. CDN optimizes your origin content by powerful servers in different territories. Therefore, your actual network costs are cut and optimized. So, requests are automatically being forwarded to the nearest CDN edge. In this way, your users get the best user experience without suffering slow loading or high  network latency

CDN enabled

What are the Benefits of Using a CDN?

  • Provides fast and reliable content delivery
  • Help geo-location delivery requirements
  • Streaming interruptions and buffering problems
  • Cost reduce and budget optimization
  • Split your network traffic onto different regions and increase user experience
  • Increases the SEO performance and provides high visibility in search engines

Nowadays most internet traffic is served through CDNs. Video delivery services that aim to reach large scale audiences with more cheaper delivery options such as social media, OTT platforms, e-sports and live broadcasts or live entertainment events, all of them are being used CDN solutions. Onveo provides the most up-to-date technologies for content distribution. Our infrastructures that require different and special settings, supports your major network requirement. Thus, Onveo CDN solution,ready to use, helps your video distribution needs for live broadcasts or complex VOD business models. Your assets stored as a media content on our management platform, are automatically distributed over Onveo CDN.

Onveo services also have a capability to work with 3rd party platforms - such as Akamai, Amazon AWS, Google GCP or Microsoft Azure. Our customers who want to manage their CDN, can easily manage their other cloud settings as well. You can contact us here to learn more about the Onveo CDN and the integrations with Enterprise license. 

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