How to Live Stream on Multiple Social Media Platforms Simultaneously?

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Expand Your Reach with Your Social Media Live Streams

Live streaming platforms are an online tool that allows you to upload and broadcast video content in real-time instead of recording and uploading it after the event. Broadcasting a live event on social media is essential to increasing reach and captivating  a larger audience. With social media live broadcasts, you can reach your target audience and promote your brand or service on channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin in real-time.

Live broadcasts on multiple social media platforms simultaneously are the main key to successful branding and reaching the target audience. The first step to going live on social media is to make sure you have the right technology and equipment to support live streaming. The next step is to have live broadcast support services to reduce the problems that may arise.

To expand your reach by broadcasting a live event on social media:

  • Have the necessary live broadcast support for uninterrupted and smooth live broadcasting.
  • Broadcast your live stream in real-time on each of the social media platforms or your website.
  • Optimize your content for attendees anywhere, on any device, while providing the speed and quality needed for real-time interactions.
  • Record your post-live broadcast and share it as VOD.

To broadcast live in real-time on each social media platform, you need to send your broadcasts to each platform separately. In this case, the upload speeds of the internet service provider will not be sufficient. Onveo develops a special solution and makes the necessary integration for broadcasting your live broadcasts on social media on every platform simultaneously. When you start the live broadcast, it automatically provides the necessary relay process for you.

As seen above, you can distribute your live broadcasts to social media platforms in real time with Onveo.

Stream Live from Everywhere Simultaneously with Onveo

Onveo products and solutions are designed to provide high-quality live streaming for every use case and every industry. With the specially created RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol) endpoint, you can distribute your live broadcast on every social media platform from a single endpoint.

Whatever the event and wherever your audience is, with Onveo you can be sure that your videos are recorded and distributed in the best possible quality. You just think about your content! Easily manage your activities on multiple social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch with Onveo.

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