Progressive and Adaptive Streaming

Users want to watch the video in the best quality and without interruption on any device. To maximize your video viewing experience, your media content must be accessible on all devices in an uninterrupted and smooth stream.

A progressive video stream is a single video file being streamed over the internet. The progressive video will automatically expand or contract to fit the screen you are playing it on. But regardless of the device, the video file size will always be the same. If there is a poor internet signal and the video stream cannot process quickly, a progressive video will pause and buffer.

Adaptive streaming is technology that delivers video to the user in the most efficient way possible and in the highest quality available to each user, regardless of connection, software or device. Videos are tailored to suit all users' screen size and internet speed with this technology.

Adaptive streaming allows the video provider to create a different video for each of the screen sizes it wants to target.

How Adaptive Streaming Works?

You can fit a specific video file to specific screen sizes so that the viewer always gets a good-looking video with Adaptive Streaming.

Adaptive streaming solves the buffering issue that happens when the user cannot download a video file fast continue playing the video. If users have poor quality internet connection, the video stream cannot download fast enough. So the video will have to pause, wait for more data, and then restart. This technology avoids buffering when data comes in very slowly depending on the internet connection. It switches to a low quality video file so that the video continues to play uninterrupted without pauses. In this way, mobile viewers with poor connections do not have to wait for the video to load. Those who connect to the high speed internet access a higher resolution image. After the user's internet connection gets faster and better, it continues to watch with a top quality video file. 

Adaptive streaming helps minimize distribution costs. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) optimize connection costs by limiting the bandwidth required to stream over the CDN.

Onveo Adaptive Streaming is suitable for optimizing viewing experience on various devices and connection speeds. You can automatically adapt to the change in each user's network and playing conditions. Thus, giving your users the best possible experience with Onveo Adaptive Streaming.

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