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Onveo is a media content management platform with powering publishers to easily manage videos and distribute own videos on social media or other platforms.

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Media Content Management

Media Content Management

Manage your videos in one product. Onveo media content management platform enables broadcasters to easily manage videos and distribute their media assets or receive content on their own OTT business.

Adaptive Stream

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Adaptive Stream

Onveo provides uninterrupted and high-quality playback of videos by adjusting the video quality according to the internet speed and device characteristics of each viewer.

Video Branding

Video Branding

You can add intro / outro videos for each media asset by creating certain rules. Brandings are applied based on your master video with media content management. In addition, you can edit your videos before publishing, and you can automatically make your requirements such as logo bruning, content copyright or legally required smart signs.

VOD Broadcast

VOD Broadcast

Build your online audience and expand your reach by distributing your content to viewers across multiple screens and platforms such as smart TV and mobile devices.With high-capacity cloud servers, Onveo enables your videos to be converted easily and quickly with the profiles you specify and automatically uploaded to the point you specify.

Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics Integration

With Onveo, you can access the consumer insights of your media assets without being stuck with ad-blocking applications. Onveo VOD Play API transmits tracker information to Google Analytics for your business. You can get more detailed reports about your clients behaviour and users of your platform via the User tracking service (Google Analytics Support).

Video CDN

Video CDN

Video distribution infrastructures require different and special settings. Onveo offers ready-to-use CDN solutions for your complex video archive without dealing with technical blockers. Your assets stored on media content management can be automatically distributed over Onveo CDN and your CDN problems will be solved.

Social Media Live Stream

Social Media Live Stream

With the RTMP endpoint, which will be created specifically, you can distribute your broadcast on different social media platforms from a single end-point. This will resolve your network issues on an outbound network. Easily manage your activities such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitch. You just think about your content.

Live Stream Solutions

Live Stream Solutions

Onveo offers solutions for your live broadcasts within the scope of video player and video content distribution services. The broadcasts you send to Onveo RTMP servers are automatically packaged and distributed.

Video / Voice Call Platform

Video / Voice Call Platform

You can use our video call platform, which we have developed with WebRTC technology with audio and video support, with a direct solution without dealing with technical details and integration problems for your company, whether for your in-house or customer management needs.

Feed Management

Feed Management

Even if your OTT application is complex, it is possible to show different content to certain countries with Onveo. You can create dynamic content feed links according to the metadata information. Your feeds are being updated dynamically based on the rules you specify via media content management. Within the rule base decisions we  provided,  your contents are being populated for using in 3rd party applications or OTT platforms.

Content delivery to an unlimited number of viewers, on any device, anywhere in the world.

Easy Upload

Upload any video, in any format, and we’ll make sure it plays back flawlessly on any device.

Playlist Control

Create special lists and manage your broadcast content with different lists on a certain day and time.

Cost Reduce

With Onveo's own cloud infrastructure, you do not need to invest in any infrastructure.

Real-Time Analytics

Due to the Google Analytics integration, you can get more detailed reports about the users of your platform and follow the measurements live.



"With Onveo, we have developed an end-to-end solution for our web film festival, ensuring the future availability of our OTT project."

Anna B.

Independent Media Consultant

"We started using rich-media in our news verification processes with Onveo. Onveo video technologies were easily integrated into our system without dealing with technical details and integration problems. So Onveo provided great convenience in our work with its stable infrastructure, user-friendly interface and strong technical support structure."

Emre S.

Teyit.org - Chef Editor

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